Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Certification Program (MATI)

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Montessori Academy Training Institute offers the 2.5 to 6 years Early Childhood training. The program is an intense summer-long academic phase, with additional required workshops and seminars offered during weekends running concurrently with the internship phase. This approach not only provides the adult learner with on-going training, but also provides support while completing the practicum phase.

After written and practical exams, and the successful completion of the program, the student will be recommended for the American Montessori Society Early Childhood Certification.

This certificate qualifies the graduate to be a Lead Teacher [director/directress] in a Montessori classroom in the private sector, as well as the public sector for those individuals holding state certification.


Montessori Philosophy

  • Historical background of Dr. Maria Montessori’s life.
  • A thorough study of the Montessori philosophy and theory.
  • The important role of the Montessori guide.

Child Development

  • Current research in the area of Child Development.
  • The links between Montessori, Piaget, Gardner and others.
  • The development of the child from birth through adolescence.

Practical Life Curriculum

  • Introduction and understanding of this component area of the Montessori classroom.
  • Material presentations and supervised hands-on practice sessions.
  • Creation of original materials.


Sensorial Curriculum

  • Development of the child’s senses and their importance in the child’s intelligence.
  • In-depth look at the Sensorial materials.
  • Material presentations and supervised hands-on practice sessions.

Mathematics Curriculum

  • Development of the child’s “mathematical mind’.
  • An extensive and thorough explanation of the Montessori math curriculum from the introduction of quantities and numerals, to the computation of equations. montessori8_1
  • Material presentations and supervised hands- on practice sessions.

Language Curriculum

  • Introduction to the Montessori materials for pre- reading and pre-writing.20150326160012_88938
  • Building children’s oral and auditory skills through literature and poetry.
  • A thorough study of the Montessori philosophy and theory.
  • Presentation of Montessori language materials, such as “sand-paper letter”, and “moveable alphabet”.

Cultural Studies

  • Peace Education.
  • Science and Nature.
  • Music, Movement and Art.
  • Geography and History

Classroom Leadership

  • The development of classroom community
  • Observation techniques
  • Environmental design
  • Self-pace learning
  • Approach to positive discipline

Parent Involvement/ Education

  • Introducing Parents to principals of Montessori philosophy
  • Involving Parents in school community
  • Resources for positive collaboration with Parents
  • Effective communication and conferencing with Parents

Academic Course Schedule

Summer Phase

Courses will be held daily six weeks from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the summer at Montessori Academy in Pembroke Pines, FL; A vibrant city of 160,000, 22 miles due West from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, and 22 miles due Northwest from Miami International Airport. First-class accommodations shopping, as well as restaurants, within 7 miles from the school.


Partial scholarships are available through the American Montessori Society at The AMS scholarship deadline is May 1st. Please call for other scholarship opportunities.